Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling is a form of suspended ceiling, which has several different purposes at the same time it can lower down spaces which are too high or cover up pipes and other insulations which are located above it. It’s also used for decorative reasons to create a totally different and amazing feeling. Perfectly smooth and resistant to any deformation to creates the visual effect of a glass surface on the ceiling (when using the mirror layer). By using stretch ceiling you can transform any desired space and improve the comfort of use, all because of an easy shape formation which caters the needs of the client’s or designer’s vision. Each stretch ceiling can have its own unique shape: flat, oval, arched, circular, spatial, fractured or multilayered.

A fully installed layer is light and does not strain the existing ceiling as it weighs less 200 g/ square meter. Any type of lighting or ventilation systems is no problem to be install with this application. Stretch ceilings are fully waterproof and provide great protection from flooding as well as eliminated the risk of moisture condensation above the layer. Stretch ceiling is also resistant to steam. You can use stretch ceilings in all kinds of public and private spaces, especially locations where absolute clarity and sterility is in order. Thanks to these values a professional custom made stretch ceiling is a long lasting solution that does not require any further costs in the future.

Stretch Ceiling – Photo gallery